In-Talk: Trisha’s strong advise to the media

Trisha Advise to Media

Smiling Sensation Trisha Krishnan is now giving strong advise to the media on the topic that heroine too were girls and they too have the interests just like normal girls. Trisha fired on the media for probing into her personal life and spreading rumors. She mentioned that actress too will fall in love and will enjoy everything like normal girls.

They are special on screen but in real life they too are normal girls. It is known that she is getting married to an NRI businessman and she is hiding it from the media. Speaking on this, Trisha stated that even actresses are girls and they get married to someone.

Trisha further stated that there is no truth in that news and it just went ahead like a wild fire. She mentioned that it is further damage her film chances and personal aspects. She asked media to stop spreading rumors on her personal life.

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