In – Talk: Rudrama Devi ornaments missing story

“Rudrama Devi” ornaments missing case is still in the same position. The mystery on this missing case is still on progress and the curiosity is on peaks in the spectators to know the real story behind this aspect. Here is the missing story as per the reports from the film unit members.


Chennai’s Anjaneya Setti and Sons were sponsoring the ornaments to this flick. Whenever film unit asks for the ornaments, this company will send it through flight to the shooting location. Soon after the shooting, these ornaments will be returned back to the company with utmost care. Six schedules passed in the similar fashion and the seventh schedule needed the ornaments.

Hence, Ravi Subramanyam who works for Anjaneya Setti group gave the ornaments to the film unit on 19th of this month. These ornaments were packed in plastic boxes and were kept in the makeup van. After lunch break, when the film unit opened the boxes, they were found empty. Film unit members and the company executives rushed to the nearest Police Station and gave complaint. There was no clue, how these ornaments went out of scope. Hope, this mystery comes to an end in near future.

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