In – Talk: Ram Charan warns his fans!

Mega Power Star Ram Charan Teja came up with a statement that he tried drinking and smoking in the past. It seems that he realized the side effects of these habits and he stopped going to that side. He warned his fans that these habits are highly dangerous and he asked them to stop them immediately.

Ram Charan Warns Fans

He mentioned that the films too were showing the message to quit smoking and drinking on the silver screens before the beginning of the main film. Few actors who feel that their fans as their own family members will care for their habits. Looks like, Ram Charan is caring for his fans just like his family members.

His advice is too good and it is expected to change the attitude of few people in the state towards quitting the bad habits. People who are trying these habits should consider a fact that their family needs their support till the end and his life should strength the family instead of weakening it. Great initiative by Ram Charan Teja!

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