In – Talk: Rajamouli under high pressure

After Shankar’s “I”, everybody’s eyes are on Rajamouli’s “Bahubali”. These are presently the top ventures in entire India. Both these flicks are coming up with 180 Crores budget value and these flicks are expected to collect atleast 300 Crores at the box office.


Shankar’s “I” looked appealing and hence Rajamouli’s “Bahubali” is now under suspense. People got convinced with the budget levels and the quality of Shankar’s “I”. “How will Bahubali appear in the teaser and will it look apt for the 180 Crores budget?” turned out to be the point. More over, it is an open challenge for Rajamouli to invite a big shot Hollywood star for the audio launch function of this flick.

“I” got good craze as well as the required publicity due to the presence of Arnold and hence, it is now the publicity tactics of Rajamouli to prove that the film “Bahubali” too is not an inch less than “I”. This is now stated to be pressurizing Rajamouli.

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