In – Talk: Nellore Aagadu distributor committed suicide?

Soon after the release of “Aagadu”, talk came on to the media that this flick crossed 10 Crores collection on the first day. Several numbers were seen as day by day collections and few distributors counter attacked the producers saying that they are all fake numbers.

Aagadu Distributor Suicide

After further investigation, one more set of collection figures came on to the media and majority of the media segments finalized these as the main collection rate. As per this collection rate, Nellore collected around 1 Crore in the first week which is far less compared to the 2.6 Crores which was invested by the distributor to bag the rights.

Buzz raised in the media that this loss made Nellore “Aagadu” distributor to attempt suicide. Few media sources mentioned that this distributor tried to commit suicide but turned down the aspect thinking about his family. This is a heart touching incident and we have to see how the film unit reacts to this sort of situations.

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