In-Talk: Mutual understanding of Kalyan Ram – Jr.NTR

NTR and Kalyan Ram

Jr.NTR and Kalyan Ram, the Nandamuri brothers, turned too close in the recent times. They are now growing in the industry with mutual understanding. Kalyan Ram is using the keyword “Temper” in few of his dialogues in “Patas” while Jr.NTR is promoting Kalyan Ram’s ventures through promotional events.

Things are perfectly set between these two brothers and they are moving ahead in unison. As per the talk, Kalyan Ram and Jr.NTR are planning their future projects after consulting with one another and the mutual understanding between the two may help them to grow further in the industry.

Jr.NTR is facing tough times at the box office and Kalyan Ram too is in the same situation. Hence, the mutual understanding between these two young Nandamuri heroes will help the family to grow further into the victories in Tollywood.

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