In – Talk: Meera Jasmine’s marriage in trouble!

Meera Jasmine, the heroine who is known for her cute and bubbly expressions, is now facing tough times in her personal life. This beauty is facing issues with her marriage life. It is known that this beauty halted her film career for a while to marry Anil John Titus.


It seems that Anil John Titus is married long back to another lady. Hence, Meera Jasmine is his second wife. Unfortunately, Anil John didn’t take divorce legally from his first wife and this made the life of Meera Jasmine quite miserable. Even though, this pair got married, they were facing legal registration issues.

For heroines, marriage is considered to be the end of their first innings. Producers generally won’t prefer heroines who are married. Meera Jasmine took bold decision to go for marriage when her career is in good shape. Now, as her marriage life turned problematic, it indirectly affected her film career too.

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