In-Talk: Why Jayapradha met KCR in Hyderabad?

Jayaprada KCR

Jayapradha, who recently joined BJP met KCR in Hyderabad. “What is the reason for this meeting?” turned to be the point. “Is she planning to join TRS?” is the main doubt that the audience got when they saw the pics in the web space.

To stop the rumors, Jayapradha mentioned that her sister’s daughter marriage has been fixed and she met KCR to invite him for the wedding. With this a part of rumors got halted. “Will Jayapradha” invite Chandra Babu Naidu too for this wedding?” turned to be an interesting topic.

BJP and TDP are friendly parties and if Jayapradha invited KCR, she may not miss inviting Chandra Babu Naidu too for the wedding. Few media segments mentioned that Jayapradha is giving a clue to KCR about her future plans with this invitation. Stay tuned for more updates.

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