In-Talk: Jandhyam spotted on Pawan Kalyan

Pawan Kalyan Jandhyam

Jandhyam was spotted on Pawan Kalyan in the recent times. Generally, people wear Jandhyam to be more pious. People who wear Jandhyam will worship God everyday in the form of Sandhyavandanam. Generally, few castes people in India wear Jandhyam and few people from other castes wear it with the support of devotional pious people.

“Gopala Gopala” is stated to be a devotional flick from Pawan Kalyan’s angle and he is stated to be working on it with utmost devotion. As per the talk, Pawan is giving high preference for vegetarian food and fruits. He even had Jandhyam on his body and this shows that he acted the role of God in “Gopala Gopala” with utmost devotion.

“Did Pawan Kalyan cultivate these habits as he is acting in the role of God in Gopala Gopala or did he decide to go more pious with Modi’s inspiration?” is yet to be known.

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