In-Talk: Ileana decided to scare Indian film fans!

Ileana Indian Fans

Ileana who looks amazing with the curvy structure is now aiming to scare audience by giving priority to acting ability. It is known that Ileana didn’t act without makeup till date and now she is trying it out in an upcoming film.

Ileana herself mentioned that she is ready to scare audience without makeup. She mentioned that Alia Bhat tried it in ‘Highway’ flick and she too is aspiring to work without makeup on screen. We have to see how Ileana looks without makeup on screen.

Few heroines in South India lost chances due to this sort of feats. In a industry like Bollywood, trying out this kind of experiments is a big deal. If it fails, Ileana may come back to Tollywood without looking back. Stay tuned to see how Ileana looks without makeup.

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