In-Talk: Hype raised on Balakrishna’s “Lion” car!

Lion Movie Car

Balakrishna’s “Legend” car was a big highlight for that venture. It was auctioned after the venture and the film makers got lot of money from it. Of course, they spent that money for good cause. Now, Balakrishna is coming up with another powerful car in “Lion”.

It seems that this car is specially made for Balakrishna’s film “Lion” and it has several specialties. A rumor that this car was stolen caught the eyes of the media. It turned to be a sensational news all round the web space. Film makers made it clear that it was not stolen and some one raised a rumor.

What ever might be the issue, this news gave immense publicity to the car in “Lion”. Hype raised once again on Balakrishna’s “Lion”. This year is set to show a direct battle on the silver screen between Balayya and Chiru!

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