In – Talk: Heroine getting lots of pregnant lady roles!

Heroone Mona Singh Pregnant Roles

Bollywood actress Mona Singh, who appeared as pregnant lady and Kareena’s sister in “3 Idiots” film, stated that she is getting all sorts of pregnant roles in Bollywood. Speaking on her film career, Mona Singh mentioned that she was keeping herself away from the big screen from the past few months as she is constantly getting pregnant lady offers in the industry.

Mona Singh is a good actress in small screen. She got an offer from “3 Idiots” producer due to her fame on the small screen. Mona grabbed the hearts of small screen audience with few serials and later on came on to the big screen to move ahead in her career.

Interestingly, she got a big offer from Amir Khan’s venture but it finally branded her for the role of pregnant lady in Bollywood. She is now looking forward to take up another challenging role other than that of the pregnant lady.

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