In-Talk: Granite Lion as gift for Balakrishna from fans

Granite Lion to NBK

Balakrishna’s fans are pretty excited with the title of the upcoming film of this Natasimha. As per the talk, few fans of Balakrishna decided to gift Granite Lion to Balakrishna. Few media sources reported that the cost estimation for this act will be almost Rs.10 lakhs.

It seems that they are even planning to give a book titled “Nandamuri Sikharam” as gift to Balakrishna. Reports revealed the fact that Balakrishna is the first Tollywood film heir to achieve the feat of touching 100 films. As a heir of Nandamuri NTR, Balakrishna entered Tollywood and he is set to touch 100 films at the box office.

On this occasion, fans of Balakrishna decided to gift him a Granite Lion and a book. Sai Korapati will be directing Balakrishna’s 100th film and the Granite Lion will take almost 9 months to prepare. Hence, by the time 100th film get started and will set to get released, the Granite Lion will be ready to be gifted.

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