In Talk: Future No.1 actress of Tollywood film industry

Tollywood film industry is changing its standards day by day. Previously, few actors used to be on the top and now a new set replaced them. In case of heroines, the frequency of the shift of rankings is too high. At present, Samantha is on the No.1 position in Tollywood with series of hits. Previously, Kajal and Ileana entered No.1 positions in Tollywood.


“Who will be the future No.1 of Tollywood?” turned out to be the point under discussion. There are actresses like Tamanna, Tapsee and Anjali, who have experience as well as age to hit the top position in Tollywood. They are already on the top 5 list in Tollywood. On the other hand, few other fresh faces like Rakul Preet, Regina and Praneetha are in the upcoming list.

With such a big list, it is always tough to predict the future No.1 star heroine in Tollywood. If we consider the reports and the future projects of these actresses, we can say that there is high probability for Tamanna to rule the roost in Tollywood. With projects like “Bahubali” and “Aagadu”, Tamanna is sure of hitting No.1 position in the next 2 years span.

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