In – Talk: Don’t care heroine in South India

Each and every heroine in South India has their own style. Few heroines select films seeing high pay packages while few other heroines check the heroes and then sign movies. When it comes to Nayantara, it is a different equation.


This babe doesn’t care about any of the above mentioned aspects. The only thing she thinks about is her role and its boundaries. If she thinks it is challenging, she will surely sign for the venture. Recently, Nayantara signed few films in this fashion. This aspect is an adding one for young heroes.

Analysts are saying that heroes like Bellamkonda Sreenivas may try for the dates of Nayantara if he has a perfect story which will convince her. Suresh too need not pay high remuneration for this heroine. This ‘Don’t Care’ attitude of Nayantara is fetching her huge demand in the tinsel town. Lets see how many of the other heroines will follow this trend in South India.

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