In – Talk: Bollywood pushing Tollywood into dilemma!

Bollywood is a reflection of Tollywood film industry in North India. Tollywood film heroines are now testing their luck in Bollywood. Ileana and Asin are already in that arena and Tamanna is in the transition period. Interestingly, this beauty’s bad luck is continuing in Bollywood too.


Her recent venture “Entertainment” didn’t get much hyped talk in the film circuits in Bollywood. Just like her other venture “Himatwala”, this venture too attained low hype talk in that industry. In Tollywood, Tamanna acted with almost all the top heroes but she didn’t mark a single blockbuster with them. “Racha”, “Badrinath”, “CMGR”, “Ooseravelli” and “Rebel” are all from big shot heroes but they didn’t get blockbuster success in the industry.

Now, the same is happening in Bollywood. Ajay Devgan and Akshay Kumar too failed to change the luck of this beauty. In this scenario, “Can Tamanna’s upcoming ‘Aagadu’ and ‘Bahubali’ touch the peaks?” turned out to be a point. “Will her luck affect the business of the above two ventures?” is the debate aspect. Looks like, Bollywood is pushing Tollywood into dilemma.

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