In – Talk: Only Bollywood can help Rajamouli!

Rajamouli’s most prestigious film “Bahubali” is increasing on its budget. As per the details, this flick crossed 150 Crores budget and is now moving towards 200 Crores. With this kind of investment, producers need to search for several ways to get back their invested money.


In Tollywood, it is tough to get 100 Crores at the box office. Hence, the remaining 100 Crores needs to be raised through other film industries. In this aspect, only Bollywood can help Rajamouli and his producers. Bollywood has the capacity to exude 100 Crores easily at the box office.

If Rajamouli plans the promos and the trailers effectively in Bollywood, he may get back those 100 Crores at that box office. But, there is twist in this aspect. Rajamouli will include high quotient sentiment scenes in “Bahubali” which are according to Tollywood’s taste. Bollywood audience are action lovers and they are not much into sentiments. This may shoot back at the film makers during collections time!

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