In – Talk: After Balakrishna, its Madhavan

Madhavan Weight

Madhavan has now reduced 15 kgs of weight. Previously, this news came up with Balakrishna. Sources revealed that Balakrishna is set to reduce 15 kgs of weight for Mokshagna’s debut flick. Now, it is the turn of Madhavan. This handsome hero’s 15 kgs weight reduction news came on to the media lately i.e after Balakrishna’s news.

But, compared to Balakrishna, Madhavan is a bit faster in this aspect. He already came up with a slim avatar. For a flick, Madhavan changed his body shape to meet the standards of the hero of that flick. As a part of this change, he lost 15 kgs of weight in organic manner.

The stories of these actors will be an inspiring ones for several fans in South India. With the increase in obesity in the recent times, majority of the people are trying to reduce weight and this weight reduction stories of Madhavan, Balakrishna, Sunil and few other heroes, will inspire audience to the core.

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