In-Talk: Bahubali Museum to attract audience!

Baahubali Museum

“Baahubali” is set to come on to the screens soon. First part will be released for Summer and the second part may get released for Pongal in 2016. It seems that Rajamouli designed several weapons for this venture.

Prabhas, Rana and several other will be having weapons in this flick and Rajamouli designed several weapons to support the characters. All these weapons will be kept for display to the audience. It seems that Rajamouli is planning it before the release of the film.

For “Eega” flick, Rajamouli displayed a Eega photo in Prasad’s Imax. Now, he may display the weapons of “Bahubali” as a publicity aspect for “Baahubali”. Stay tuned to see “Bahubali” museum.

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