In – Talk: Another training house in Tollywood!


Tollywood actors are going beyond acting. Previously, Tollywood used to be a hub for acting but now, it turned out to be a hub for power packed fights, dance moves and several other skills like horse riding and racing. Now, a hero in Tollywood should have all the skills required for a “James Bond” movie!

Mega Family heroes generally come into picture only after getting this kind of training. On the other hand, one more training house is coming up with similar approach. It is none other than the battalion of Bellamkonda Suresh. In the first phase, Bellamkonda Suresh introduced his son Bellamkonda Sreenivas through “Alludu Seenu”.

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It seems that this star hero took 5 years training in all the above mentioned aspects. After finalizing that this actor is fit enough for debut, Bellamkonda Suresh introduced him to the industry. Hence, another training house similar to Mega Camp is being developed in Tollywood.

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