In-Talk: 7 Crores engagement gift to Trisha Krishnan!

Trisha Marriage Gift Cost

Smiling sensation Trisha Krishnan is stated to be in the process of getting 7 Crores as gift from Varun. It is a fact that Varun is a successful businessman and he owns good property. It seems that he loves Trisha Krishnan so much and hence he decided to buy a gift matching his love.

As per the close sources of Varun, he has booked a Rolls Royce car which is of worth 7 Crores as engagement gift to Trisha Krishnan. This beauty loves costly gifts and hence we have to see how she feels when she sees the Rolls Royce parked in her compound.

On the other hand, discussion is on progress that Varun may give even better gift to Trisha for the marriage. The range of that gift is now under discussion. Stay tuned to know more about the wedding details of Trisha.

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