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The Jayam pair Nitin and Sada have repeated their magic in Takkari, but for a weak story. Amma Rajasekhar has just improvised his directorial skills compared to his previous flick Khatarnak. Altogether a watchable film.


Tirupathi (Nitin) is a brilliant guy, who wants to become a realtor, much to the opposition from his father (Chandramohan), who doesn’t give him single paise to start with. Another thread is that Tirupati wins the heart of a rich girl Priya (Sada), sister of a business tycoon and villainous Guru (Sayaji Shinde). Now, he gets a chance to get investment and realize his ambition in the real estate business. Guru wants him to drop from the love game. Tirupati in return demands Rs. 25 lakh to forego his ladylove. The deal is clinched through. What happens to his love story and what is in store for Guru’s villainy forms the crux of the film.


Nitin looked muscular and impressive in action scenes. At the same time, he showed lot of maturity in his histrionics, particularly superb dances. As you watch the film, there is a feel that Nitin is just repeating his own characterization in the previous film Dil, playing mind game with the villain. Sada is glamorous and beautiful as well with her prompt and skilled performance. Sayaji Shinde’s role as a villainous brother is routine. Raghubabu role as subordinate to Sayaji Shinde is impressive. Satyam Rajesh and other characters playing friends to Nitin did a neat job.  

Technical Details  

The story is predictable, but is treated with good commercial elements. Definitely, the movie can give a lift to Nitin, who too needs the same, having faced series of non-performers in the recent years. Amma Rajasekhar deserves kudos for his concentration on the screenplay. However, the audience is reminded of YVS Chowdary‘s Devadas, in which Sayaji Shinde tries to dupe the hero. The comedy scenes are to some extent remain weak. The film would have been really benefited had this department was given some more importance.

Similarly, the film repeats the age-old stuff – the poor fellow falling in love with a rich girl and both getting separated and again reuniting after facing troubles from the villains, say the girl’s father or brother. The specialty lies in Amma Rajasekhar’s diehard efforts to put the old wine in a new bottle with mass elements.

Songs are well canned with stunning choreography. Chakri’s music is a big asset to the film. While the first half is not much happening, the second half doesn’t bore you. Again, the climax is given a different color – a sudden jump from serious thread to humorous end. The audience could easily perceive the influence of the recent hit film Dhee on director Amma Rajasekhar. Production values are good.


The movie is opened to an adequate talk. This lighter vein Takkari is a big relief to the audiences who are at present vexed with non-performers in the backdrop of heavy violence.


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