Taapsee’s tattoo starts a Trend

Delhi beauty Taapsee Pannu, who couldn’t taste much success in southern films, is having a golden run in Bollywood.

Taapsee Pannu Tattoo
Taapsee Pannu Tattoo

Taapsee’s latest film ‘Pink’ also starring Amitabh Bachchan has been received well. The hard-hitting subject and the way it was dealt with is making movie lovers go gaga over the film. Besides the box office success and critical acclaim, the film has been in the news for another reason.

Taapsee’s ‘flying birds’ tattoo has become a rage among girls. The tattoo was sported by Taapsee as a metaphor for her character, which seeks liberation and freedom. Girls, who think to be independent, seem to have been smitten by this meaningful tattoo, and despite it will be painful to ink this tattoo just below the neck, they are said to be lining up in queues outside tattoo shops.

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