T A Razak’s UAE Indian Expat Saga Confirmed

T A Razak is known for his deeply emotional, high thinking and observant screenplays which have won him critical acclaim and numerous awards in the 25 years or more he has been active in Malayalam cinema. He has penned blockbusters and cinematic milestones for many superstars and recently he chose to step in to the director’s shoes with Moonnaam Naal Njaayaraazhicha starring national award winner Salim Kumar.


Now, he is ready for his next directorial venture based on the true story of a UAE based Indian social worker – Ashraf Thamarasshery – who has helped send back home from the foreign land over 2000 bodies. The realist and genuine soul that he is, Ashraf – upon hearing about the movie- commented that he appreciates the interest but his work is important to him and others, and it would continue whether or not there where books or movies made about him. He also said that the movie would serve as an incentive of sorts for other expats.

With Razak’s creative genius, the story of Ashraf is sure to touch the hearts of fans everywhere in the near future. Media One channel had already chosen Ashraf as the Best Social Worker and Basheer Thikkodi, the author, has written a book about him as well.

Soon, Malayalam movie fans and maybe even fans from other states and cultures will know this amazing man too.
Razak is currently in talks with expats, social workers and technicians in the UAE to get his project rolling. The movie is to be completely shot in the UAE. The situation and problems of Indian expats in the Gulf Middle East is special to Razak who already has touched upon the topic in movies like Perumazhakkaalam.

He is also currently working on another script which focuses on a lead female character and is planning to join hands with veteran director Sibi Malayil for yet another project.

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