Swetha Basu’s sensation statement on prostitution entry!


Tollywood beauty Swetha Basu Prasad felt embarrassed to speak to the media. She spoke to a reporter and revealed her real reason for entering into prostitution. She stated that she was cornered by situations and she finally felt helpless and entered prostitution.

As per the reports, Swetha said that, “I belong to traditional family. At one point of time, film offers dried up and I was in need of money for family issues and personal aspects. This finally pushed me into prostitution. Not just me, few other heroines too were involved in prostitution.” But she not revealed the names of the heroines, who involved in sex racket. This statement focuses the fact that she went into prostitution just because she has few financial issues.

“Who are the other heroines who are involved in prostitution?” turned out to be the main point. The way Swetha talked in the sting operation video is different from this statement and hence there might be several hidden aspects behind this case. Several big shots and heroines are expected to come out to limelight after investigation on Swetha Basu.

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