Swetha Basu Out from Rescue Home

Swetha Basu Out From Rescue Home

Tollywood Actress Swetha Basu Prasad was arrested few months back in prostitution case and sent to rescue home. Recently Swetha Basu’s mother filed a petition in Erramanjil court seeking the custody of her daughter but the court rejected her petition. She once again filed a petition in Nampally court seeking the custody of Swetha. Today Nampally Court ordered to release the actress Swetha immediately from rescue home.

Recently we heard that some unknown powers trying to release Swetha Basu Prasad out of this case and today she is released. However, Swetha Basu not revealed so far, who involved behind this sex racket. Whatever it might be she got a big relief.

Now we have to see who will come forward to give the chances to the actress for their movies because several people announced that they are ready to give the offer to Swetha when she was in Rescue Home.

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