Swedish boy plays as Jr Akshay Kumar!

Usman Qureshi, who plays 17-year-old Akshay Kumar in the role of an aspiring cricketer in the upcoming film Patiala House, bears such a striking resemblance to the Indian star that he has got the nickname "Akki Junior".

Born and brought up in Sweden, Usman has just completed his degree in Economics. He was planning to become an investment banker — till he was offered Patiala House.

Director Nikhil Advani was hunting for a young actor to play a 17-year-old Akshay Kumar in Patiala House. Sources said that it took him long to find the right candidate, but he zeroed in on Usman in the very first meeting.

The resemblance between Usman and the younger Akshay Kumar is so prominent that the entire team was thrilled to have him on the sets and started calling him Akki Junior. Usman has been also signed up by modelling agencies in Sweden.

Producer Bhushan Kumar said, "We were completely bowled over by the striking resemblance between Akshay and Usman. And after the screen test, we knew without a doubt that we had found our young Akshay. Usman has done a great job."

Akshay Kumar was equally surprised and excited seeing the resemblance, sources added. Both have a scar on the eyebrow, and Akshay too thinks that at 17, he looked the same way.(PTI)


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