‘Swamy Ra Ra’ To Have A Sequel

One of the most impressive films of recent films, ‘Swamy Ra Ra’ is all set to have a sequel to it. Yeah that’s right!

Reliable sources reveal that the producers of the thriller have already started working on the script of the sequel. However,there lies a catch here!


The cast of the sequel will see a complete revamp. Moreover, the team working on the film would be different as well.

‘Swamy Ra Ra’ was directed by Sudhir Varma and Nikhil and Swathi playing the lead characters in the film. However, the sequel shall not have these people as a part of the project.

Although Swamy Ra Ra was made on a low scale, the sequel will be a high budget film coupled with technical acumen of the highest quality. Sequel to Swamy Ra Ra itself is interesting news. Adding to that, the news of having a completely new star cast and Director makes this sequel even more interesting.

Only time will tell if the sequel can generate as much interest as its earlier version.

More updates to follow!

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