Did Swamiji’s entry in politics necessary? – Suma

Sri Peetam dean Paripurnanda Swamy invited a celebrity to the spiritual channel that he started recently. While his interview, anchor Suma, asked: “Is there a need for Swamiji’s to enter politics?”

Swamiji- Suma
Swamiji- Suma

For this question, he said that the political leaders of the political spectrum are asking questions about the politics.

Generally, the politicians have a family and their business, home affairs, have come to politics to make public service difficult.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi is shown as an example. If he comes out of the saint, wife, children, and his politics, A bag is packed and rushed into the RSS and propagated otherwise went to Rushikesh for peace. The other politicians could not do that and said that they are responsible for the very responsibilities behind them.

He further added that if any of the responsibilities and the absence of the poor come into politics, he will do something very much.

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