Swami Nithyananda Scandal Sex Video Leaked

Swami Nithyananda or so called Paramahamsa Nithyanand , who is known as a Spiritual Guru from Tamil Nadu has shocked India today. Nithyananda was seen in this shocking video in a bed with an actress from Tamil movie industry.

The video was broadcasted on the popular tamil channel called SUN TV and the famous Tamil actress’ face was blurred in the video.

Swamiji Nithyananda has caught red handed while he was having *** with top tamil actress R*****a. Leading Tamil news channel SUN News telecast the sex scam video of the fraud Swamiji and created shock waves all over the Tamil Nadu State and abroad.

Check out the video of Nithaynanda’s sex scandal with Tamil actress which was broadcasted in SUN TV.

I am pretty sure the GURU will come forward saying that it was all video morphing and some other visual effects and its not him. I wonder should we really trust any of these spiritual gurus anymore or no.

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