Swami Nithyananda had condoms, liquor!

BANGALORE: One of the witnesses in the case against Swami Nithyananda, the selfstyled godman who has been accused of rape and of hurting religious sentiments, has said in a statement to the CID that the swami had condoms and liquor at his Bidadi ashram.

The CID has submitted the statements to the Ramanagar Court along with the chargesheet.

One witness, who was reportedly forced by the swami to have physical relationship with him in the name of enlightenment (moksha), has said in her statement that during her stay in the Bidadi ashram, between August 2006 and December 2006, Nithyananda asked her to get liquor from a liquor store.

She has said in the statement that though she was surprised by this instruction, she ignored her ego (as preached by Nithyananda) and did not judge the master.

According to her statement to CID, no respectable family woman would go to a liquor store, but she subjected herself to such indignity of going to a liquor store near the ashram and buy alcohol.

"He asked me to bring it to his room one day and drink it. Since I was not used to drinking such strong alcohol, my body reacted badly by vomiting and then I passed out. I have no idea what happened to me until Nithyananda woke me up after a few hours. I found myself lying in his bed," she has said in her statement.

"He then asked me to get dressed and leave. I must mention here that, according to the ashram rules created by Nithyananda himself, alcohol is strictly banned in the ashram premises," says the statement.

So, he reminded her about this rule and cautioned her to be extra careful in keeping the liquor very confidential, she said in her statement

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