Sussanne Roshan Still Having An Affair With Arjun Rampal?

Star wives do not necessarily adhere to the view that their husband’s best friend’s wife is the one they should socialise with. It has come to light that these Bollywood ladies live life on their own terms. And their besties are their own choice.


When Rhea Pillai was in trouble, one discovered that Gauri Khan is a friend of hers. She not only helped Rhea get out of trouble but also gave her emotional support. But one hasn’t heard of Leander Paes and Shah Rukh Khan sharing anything at all. So, clearly, the wives have their own thought processes.

Though there’s no love lost between Salman and Shah Rukh, Gauri maintains great ties with Salman’s sisters-in-law, Seema Khan and Malaika Arora Khan.

Sussanne Roshan who was rumoured to be having an affair with Arjun Rampal continues to bond well with him and his wife Mehr Rampal.

Reports say Mehr often gives Sussanne company as she now lives alone in her apartment. Whenever Sussanne is invited to a party, she reportedly asks the host to also include Arjun and Mehr in the guest list.

Insiders say it was at Kiran Rao’s insistence that Aamir Khan invited Karan Johar to his wife’s birthday party. Karan and Kiran get along famously.

Kajol is besties with Karan, too. But the fact that her husband Ajay Devgn and KJo blow hot and cold has affected the equation slightly. However, Kajol is a headstrong person and once she chooses her friends, she keeps them for life.

Twinkle Khanna and Tania Deol (Bobby Deol’s wife) are regulars at each other’s homes. At one point, Akshay and Bobby too were very close. However, Akshay being the busy person he is and Bobby being a laid-back guy, they don’t bond as much!

Well, the wives truly have their own thought processes and do not let their husbands’ equations with their friends spoil their judgement!

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