Sussane Roshan turns Twitter addict

Following Hrithik Roshan’s footsteps. Sussane Roshan too is fast becoming a Twitter addict. What comes as a surprise to her “followers” is the fact that she has actively been tweeting to Barbara Mori.

Sussane has posted several messages on Barbara’s profile and even told her that she is looking forward to Barbara’s visit to India. Barbara Mori is expected to be coming to India during the release of Kites. Sussane has tweeted about how she wants to show Barbara around in India.

Interestingly, Sussane even has a new nickname for Barbara — Chiquita. “Contrary to rumours, Sussane and Barbara have been good friends. Hrithik, Sussane and Barbara had even visited a tattoo artist, Sameer Patange. While Hrithik and Sussane got their wrists tattooed, Barbara got a tattoo on her ankle dedicated to her brother Kentaro Mori,” said a source.


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