Suspended TDP MLA, Nagam to float a new party soon!

The suspended Telugu Desam MLA, Mr Nagam Janardhan Reddy, has decided to float a new political party soon to achieve Telangana state. Mr Reddy said he would submit his resignation to the primary membership of the Telugu Desam on Wednesday and announce the next course of action the same day. “I have decided to resign from the Telugu Desam. I am also planning to float a new political party soon,” he remarked.

Mr Reddy has already submitted his resignation from the MLA seat, which is pending before the Speaker. Asked why he did not want to join the political parties, including the TRS, that are fighting for Telangana, he parried the question saying he would come out with more details soon. Mr Janardhan Reddy, along with two other TD MLAs, Mr Harishwar Reddy and Mr Jogu Ramanna had crossed swords with the TD chief, Mr N. Chandrababu Naidu, on the T-issue.

“It’s unfortunate that the elected representatives themselves have become an obstacle for formation of a separate Telangana. All the MLAs have to resign and put pressure on the Centre and state government,” he said. The rebel TD leader, who arrived at the Assembly minutes after the YSR Congress MLAs arrived, was furious when asked if he would meet the Speaker along with them. “I have no tie-up with any political party. I will float my own party. Since Tuesday is considered inauspicious, I have decided to submit my resignation from the party on Wednesday,” he explained.(DC)

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