Susi Ganesan Abusing Me Says Amala Paul

The MeToo Movement in Kollywood has been bringing out some big names in the industry. Recently, Lena made sexual harassment allegations on Susi Ganesan. On this note, so many celebrities extended their support to Leena.

Amala Paul Susi Ganesan
Amala Paul Susi Ganesan

The recent to join is Amala Paul. She kept a post on Twitter stating that she is supporting Leena Manimekalai and can imagine this episode happening with her from a man who has a twisted set of moral values and actually no respect for women. She added that though she acted as the female lead in ‘Thiruttupayale 2’ movie, there were double meaning talks, misrepresented offers and bodily contacts during the shooting which mentally fatigued her. She also commented that these men treat their housewives and daughters different but when it comes to their colleagues, they don’t miss a chance to show an upper hand and take the advantage and said that it is high time that government should device out a system to address these issues.

After her post, Susi Ganeshan and his wife reportedly called Amala Paul. “Just got the shock of my life! @DirectorSusi & @sgmanjari called &I picked up to explain the stand.While I was trying to pacify his wife; Susi strted abusing me&to my surprise his wife started laughing&they both joined to slut-shame me. De feel de can scare me with dese tactics” tweeted Amala Paul.

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