This Bollywood Actress Almost Lost Her Life Due To Illness

Former Miss Universe Sushmita Sen revealed some of the shocking and unknown facts of her life, during a recent interview. She said that she almost lost her life in the year 2014. The actress fell very sick after shooting a film in that year and soon, she was hospitalized.
Susmitha Sen
Susmitha Sen
AGter doing several checkups, doctors told that her adrenal gland has stopped releasing a vital hormone. They told her that she would have to depend on steroids for the rest of her life. Thus, Sushmitha used to take a steroid for every eight hours, each day. This continued till 2016.
After undergoing such a vigorous treatment for two years, Sushmitha has got back to a normal state but she gained a lot of weight and lost all of her beauty. Thus, she went abroad and came back only when got fully recovered in a perfect way. Currently, the actress is focusing on raising her two kids and said that she has no interest to come back into films.

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