Sushmita Sen adds to growing tattoo collection

She is known to be good with words and now Sushmita Sen is letting the written word do the talking. The actress is not turning author but is using her growing collection of body art to speak her mind.

The former Miss Universe is the latest Bollywood celebrity to be bitten by the tattoo bug and has got four inkings etched on herself in the past year.

The 34-year-old actress’ latest tattoo is a bold etching of the words ‘I Am’ on her right wrist, which she says is a proud declaration of her own identity.

"I love tattoos. I have three on the arms but the fourth one I cannot show you. They are all permanent and I think I will add more to them," Sushmita told PTI.

The one on her right arm reads ‘Temptation’ and she also sports a tattoo on the left wrist which says ‘Soli deo glory’, meaning ‘Glory to God alone’ in Latin.

"I love my Temptation tattoo, with the T shaped like a dagger. To me it means that temptation is a beautiful feeling, but it is equally dangerous," said the actress who was in the city to select contestants for the ‘I Am She’ pageant.

This brand will serve as a platform to select the next Miss Universe India who will represent the country at the global Miss Universe competition.

While Sushmita’s dagger tattoo is edgy, most Bollywood celebrities have gone for inkings bearing the name or initials of a lover while others sport symbols like stars and angels.

Deepika Padukone has her ex- beau Ranbir’s initials RK (Ranbir Kapoor) on her nape. Suzzanne Roshan, in an apparent denial of rumours that her marriage with Hrithik had run into problems, got his name tattooed on her arm.

Sushmita’s tattoo, on the other hand, is closer in inspiration to Hollywood hottie Angelina Jolie.

Jolie, a known tattoo junkie who sports over a dozen tattoos over her body, including symbols and text in exotic languages, also has a Latin term tattooed on her abdomen which means ‘What nourishes me also destroys me’.

Sushmita, who at the age of 18 became the first Indian woman to win the Miss Universe crown has put her film career on the backburner for her pet project ‘I Am She’, which aims to bring the crown back home.

"I have just one film No Problem coming up this year. It is a full-on masala entertainer… ‘I Am She’ is an opportunity for me to give back all the love I have received and bring forth confident, beautiful young Indian women for the entire world to see," said Sushmita.

Her production House Tantra Entertainment Private Limited (TEPL) was awarded the India franchise by the Miss Universe Organization, which conducts the pageant across 95 countries of the world.(PTI)

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