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Surya vs Surya Movie Review: After series of hits, Nikhil turned to be the badshah of low budget films. He showered profits on distributors with good set of flicks. After lots of experimentation, Nikhil finally got tuned to class genre with mass shades. Now, “Surya Vs Surya” is another experimental flick from Nikhil’s side. This time, he mixed high level concept into the story, and is trying his luck. Read on to know whether Nikhil achieved success in this attempt or not.


Surya (Nikhil) suffers from a disease called Porphyria. Due to this disease, Surya cannot go into sunlight. If he dares to go out during day time, he will lose his life in 15 minutes. This makes Surya concentrate on the night college. He finds two friends Aruna Sai (Satya) and Ersam (Tanikella Bharani). Once he sees a girl Sanjana (Tridha Choudary) and he falls in love with her. She moves away from him when she knows that he is suffering from Porphyria. What will Surya do to get his love and how he will manage to win the hand of this lady, forms the other part.


Nikhil as Surya showed improved skills in this film. This flick was made with good production values and Nikhil’s acting ability added colors to it. He tuned his body as per the character and we can say that he is becoming a professional film by film. But, the limitations in the story, restricted his character to some extent.

Tridha was a good fit to the character of a TV journalist. She looked good on screen. Tanikella Bharani and Satya combination worked well to some extent. They managed to entertain audience along with Nikhil. Madhubala acted as Nikhil’s mother and she showed good emotions as per the character. She has to play the role of the mother of a kid who is suffering from a rare disease. Madhubala carried the role with well framed emotions.

Technical Aspects:

There was a steep drop in the story and this made the flick look good in the first half and below average in the second half. Film maker took audience to good heights in the first half but the same was not elevated in the second. It is an experiment by the film maker Karthik. He was a Cinematographer and he is entering into the direction field with this flick. Taking such a complex concept in the initial stage of direction, is a daring attempt. In this point of view, we can say that Karthik was good.

Music department synced up well with the story. As a Cinematographer, Karthik made it for sure that the audience feel the peaks of this aspect. As Nikhil suffers from day light, majority of the flick was canned in the nights. Cinematography played vital role in showing the best in the dark.

On an average:

As no big venture was currently on board, we can expect “Surya Vs Surya” to get good response for a while at the box office. This Holi season may help him exude few more collections at the box office. This weekend will be a good one for this venture and the talk in this weekend will focus the collections of this flick in the next one week. This flick is a good attempt by Karthik and Nikhil.

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