Surya s/o Krishnan

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Surya s/o Krishnan is an emblematic Gautham Menon film which appears to be pretty close to his factual life along with a message at the conclusion. The movie has a two hour 48 minutes extensive heavy sentiment drama and has all the ingredients of anecdote, love, comedy and at last promotes non- smoking deeply, as it gives a hard slap to all the smokers who can face the cruel outcome of dreaded disease Cancer. Surya is outstanding and Simran pilfers the show with her outstanding acting skills.




Surya (Junior Surya), son of Krishnan is a sensitively bonded guy with his parents as well as his sister. He grows up seeing his parent’s enormous love en route for each other and the fervor towards their son and daughter. The dissimilar phases of life, are well portrayed in this film as the child, teenage life, adulthood in a man’s world are well exemplified. Surya is intimately close to his father and Simran who plays the character of mother to him, motivates him for being strappingly will- powered and also to be psychologically weak sometimes.


Krishnan (Senior Surya) is Surya’s Father who is a middle class man and ventures out to USA in order to fetch his true love Simran. They marry and are proud parents of two siblings. Surya and his sister as told earlier get the inspiration and lesson from their parents that nothing is impossible in this world if your allegiance and the sacredness in heart are well pure.


With these values, Junior Surya gets into his adult hood with a brief love phase in his life. He falls in love with Meghna (Sameera reddy) but the love ends as soon as it is started as Meghna decides to part her ways in order to pursue her professional dreams. She prefers to chase her dreams rather than accompanying Surya. Moved by this Surya regrets to be in love with Meghna and desires for a beloved who is in lines of his mother Malini (Simran).


Surya fetches a defense cop profession and is posted somewhere in Jammu and Kashmir. After a few reels of regular kidnapping and goon bashing drama, Surya’s heroic skills are well expressed. Unluckily, he is informed about his father Krishnan’s illness of cancer and leaves the base camp, to be with his family.


He immediately packs and moves to his family and realizes that his father Krishnan is ill and his mother Malini is shaken by this incident. But again, Krishnan inspires his son by his strong will power and determination to invade out through his illness.


Then Surya’s wife Priya (Divya Spandana) enters his life and they marry happily. But Krishnan’s illness deepens day by day and this makes him close to his grave. In a scene which is heart touching, where he tries hard to express something to his grandson, but fails to do as his Vocal Cords fail indicating the last stages of life.


The complete movie is crammed with emotion and love towards a family. Furthermore the movie is loaded with a poignant drama in all scenes.


Lastly, the movie tops with an acceptable climax plus this is a anticipation which must be seen on the big screen.




Surya Siva Kumar plays the dual role of Krishnan and Surya in this film. The actor doesn’t need a certificate for his acting as he has immense talent. The senior Surya looks more promising with his make up and depicts a perfect middle aged person with lots of experience to reveal. Junior Surya plays the role of an obedient son to his father and is tinged with some love, romance and mother sentiment from the female characters.


Simran plays the character of Malini who is a Pativratha to Krishnan. She plays the role with ease and takes on the limelight of this film.


Priya is the character played by Divya Spandana. The character demands some love, attitude and also sometimes emotions and Divya Justifies her character as a wife to Surya.


Sameera Reddy enters the life of the hero like a breeze and plays the character of Meghna. She moves around the trees with the hero and finally departs.


On the total, the movie is exceedingly sloppy drama which has zero for the mass crowds. The movie will without doubt hit the 50 day mark, due to its touching story. But fall apart after the 50 day mark.

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