Suriya rejects, Karthi accepts!

The fates of certain things are strange indeed and this is especially true in the case of a movie, which goes through a lot of ‘happy accidents’ before becoming the finished product we see on the screen in front of us.

Suriya rejects, Karthi accepts

It was not long ago that N Lingusamy offered a script to Suriya titled Enni Yezhu Naal and wanted him to work with him on it. But Suriya chose to decline the offer respectfully citing what he felt was the reason that mattered most – he wasn’t suited for that role.

Instead however, he found another one of Lingusamy’s scripts interesting and much more to his liking.. that one turned out to be Anjaan!

Now what happened to the other one you ask? Did it get shelved waiting for another actor to green light it.. well, not exactly. Lingusamy immediately found someone perfect for the role, almost custom tailored to fit the part you might say – and guess who that was – none other than Karthi!

It seems one brother’s loss had become another’s gain.

Now Karthi is on a mission to get back on to the A list with some smash hits and maybe a Lingusamy movie is just what the doctor ordered. Currently though, he is waiting for his other flick, Madras, to come out in August when it will possibly go up against his brother’s Lingusamy directed venture Anjaan at the box office.

Wow, the head spins when one pays too much attention to the cycle of things in tinsel town.

However, sources say Lingusamy is not planning to take a break after Anjaan releases and is all set to go ahead with the launch of Enni Yezhu Naal with Karthi as the star.

It is unknown who will be playing the lead female role at this point.

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