Suriya fires on PETA for protesting against Jallikattu

Many celebrities from Tamil Film Industry have been stating their full support for the famous Jallikattu culture in Tamil Nadu. Now the superstar Suriya has given his full support for this.


Suriya who is busy releasing his film ‘S3’ for this coming Republic Day has finally come out in support of Jallikattu. He said that there is no wrong in celebrating this festival as it is a part of Tamil Culture. He lashed out at PETA for protesting on Jallikattu issue as he claims that PETA is actually insulting the Tamil tradition. He indeed declared that no harm will be done to any animals or bulls in this celebration and everyone will be fine at the end. Now Suriya’s support has added more energy to already protesting heroes like Vishal, Simbhu and much more.

As of now, Suriya has changed his upcoming flick ‘Singam-3’ name to ‘C3’ for tax exemptions in Tamil Nadu. He believes that changing name will make this film release after postponing thrice.

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