Suriya comes to the fans!

This is big news for the millions of fans of the Singham star – now you can quite literally ‘follow’ him!


Yes, after a lengthy deliberation and reluctance to conformity that has lasted for years, Suriya too has decided to join the club, so to speak. The actor is all set to start his own Facebook page and Twitter account soon. Sources say, it will probably on his birthday July 23rd!

This might not be a big deal these days for an average person – after all, who doesn’t have a social media profile? But when it’s a celeb with an ardent fandom like Suriya, it is definitely big news.

Even though nowadays most of the movies promote themselves through the social media and pretty much all the stars have taken to interacting with their fans, Suriya had stayed away from the popular trend. He is reputed to be a very private person and is mostly not interested in being in the spotlight, apart of course from when he is on camera.

So what changed the actor’s mind? Perhaps Superstar Rajinikanth too joining Twitter had something to do with it or maybe it had just become too much of a disadvantage not to be in touch with the public, who knows.

But whatever the reason might be, the fans sure are happy! Now they hope to keep track of the actor’s eventful professional life and his other activities including charity work.. a few personal sneak peeks wouldn’t be discouraged as well, one supposes.

Anyways, Suriya better prepare himself for the darker side of the concept too because if anything has been proven in the past few years, it’s that the social media is a rather fickle beast which can turn on you at any time.

Welcome to the club, sir!

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