Suresh Gopi disappointed with Kerala Police!

Suresh Gopi, who is known for the numerous fiery police roles he has played, says he is disappointed with the treatment he has received from the Kerala Police regarding the death of his makeup man PP George!


George was gravely injured in a motor accident recently and later succumbed to his injuries in the hospital. The actor says the deceased man was like a brother to him and he can’t believe callous and incompetent way in which the police handled the case.

Apparently the bike riders who hit the poor man were present at the scene till he was taken to the hospital but the police failed to detain them or even question them!
The actor then tried to contact the Home Minister to get something done about the situation but got the response that the Minister was ‘busy’.

“This is not about finding the culprits and punishing them,” says the saddened but indignant star,” but this is about getting justice for that poor family.”

The actor has played the epitome of what a policeman should be in many movies, with a passion for justice and a dedication to duty and service – in fact when someone talks about the Kerala Police, for many Malayalis, some of the characters the actor has given life to is bound to pop up in their mind.

A tragedy for the victim, his family and the actor who seems disillusioned with the system which he has always held in high regard…

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