Suresh Babu should not continue as president of TFCC -City Civil Court

​Daggubati Suresh Babu is an influential name in TFI and quite a popular exhibitor, distributor, producer and proud owner of Ramanaidu studios. However, from the past few days, the news of D.Suresh Babu’s suspension as chamber president has spread like a wildfire and lot of speculations are coming up about the reason behind it.

Daggubati Suresh
Daggubati Suresh

The recent judgment about Suresh Babu shouldn’t continue as the Chamber president has become a topic of debate now. But, now it is cleared that Suresh Babu should not continue as Film Chamber president. The Hyderabad City Civil Court released an order that Suresh Babu should not continue as Film Chamber President as per Section 28 (C). If any case registered against Film Chamber members, they are unfit to continue as member as per the rules.

Though the money has been paid to the chamber City Civil Court has suspended Suresh Babu from contesting any elections in Film Chamber. Since he failed to submit all the needed documents, the court ruled him as unfit to run in Film Chamber elections. Now, Suresh Babu is no more a president of TFCC (Telugu Film Chamber Of Commerce). The court also dismissed Exhibitor sector member Narayana Das.

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