Suraj’s Garbhasreeman screenplay ‘lifted’!

Suraj Venjaaramoodu starrer Garbhasreeman is a curious film indeed – not just because of the obvious title and plot of the flick which has a ‘pregnant’ hero – but also because of the controversy surrounding it which got its release from being temporarily banned.

It was a few weeks ago that one Mr. Sudheesh Kumar, a native of Perumbavoor, filed a case with the High Court claiming that the screenplay of the movie is based on one he created, and this immediately lead to a stay on the release of the film.

Mr. Kumar had actually approached the lower courts with the same plea but it seems they had dismissed it, and it must have been fate that the High Court takes it upon itself to look in to the matter. Why? Because as it turns out, his claims were true!

The screenplay of the film was credited to other parties, but now the court has ruled in favor of Sudheesh Kumar and has agreed that the new screenplay has in fact been ‘lifted’ from his original one.

And since Mr. Kumar owns the rights to the original, the court has asked the people involved in the movie to pay him a compensation fine of Rs 5 lakhs!

It seems the court is standing by the unknown writer in this one as they have made sure that the release of the film does not happen until guarantee of payment of the money has been obtained.

Well, congrats on the verdict to the plaintiff, and let’s hope the intriguing movie comes on the big screens soon.

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