Suraj fights back with defamation case!

Suraj Venjaaramoodu, the national award winning comedic actor, has had enough of his ex manager’s allegations it seems, as he has filed defamation charges against him for maligning his reputation by spreading false claims and outright lies!


Rajesh, the ex manager of the actor in question here, had filed a case against Suraj a couple of days ago claiming the actor and his aides had threatened him, in order to grab his property. Rajesh had borrowed from Suraj Rs 3 lacs against his property as leverage, but had returned the money when Suraj proceeded to more aggressive and illegal tactics. According to him, Suraj wanted him to sign over the property documents to his aide, one Mr Sabu Khan. The alternative being an ominous ‘or else’.

He also alleged that the actor had connections with the ‘blade mafia’ working out of Aluva, Ernakulam and was involved in many shady and illegal land dealings in the past. It was their immediate physical threat that forced the ex manager turned plaintiff to flee to the capital city, Thiruvananthapuram. Rajesh specifically asked for a vigilance enquiry in to the larger dealings of the actor in real estate.

Now, Suraj has a different version of things to tell the people entirely. He says he is still owed a sum of Rs 3 lacs by Rajesh and that appointing him his manager was the biggest mistake he ever made.

The beloved comedian also says that it was Rajesh’s criminal history that got him dismissed from his post as the manager. Apparently, Suraj had no knowledge of it beforehand.

Well, well folks.. this has truly become a case of one man’s word against the other.. at least until the cops can shed some light on the truth. The days to come will tell us who’s the bad guy here, though it wouldn’t be surprising if the fans are already rooting for Suraj..

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