Suraj ‘escaped’ from Sangeeth’s movie!

It came as shocking news a few days ago when director Sangeeth Lewis, director of the movie Ennu Swantham Ilanjikkavu P.O, was arrested during the shoot, on the charge of murder! He has been accused of murdering youth named Dipu over a year ago. Now, the shocks continue as national award winner Suraj Venjaaramoodu admits to the media that he too was initially a part of the doomed movie.


“I was part of the cast of the movie in the beginning. But after being at the set, I felt something was lacking with director in his personality and skills and I decided to walk out, “says Suraj.

Afterwards Jayaram had joined had joined the cast to make a similar move, reports say.

The pride of the industry, Suraj, has been away on a pilgrimage of sorts following his national award win visiting certain temples in Jammu and Kashmir to present his offerings. The network connectivity and seclusion of the area being what it is, the actor had been unaware of Sangeeth’s arrest until he got back.

“It seems it was a good thing I made the call to quit the project, “added Suraj.

Suraj’s other upcoming movie Garbhasreeman, in which he plays a ‘pregnant man’ (yeah!), is also facing some problems as one Mr Sudheesh kumar of Perumbavoor has filed a case against the movie claiming the authorship of the story and the screenplay and as a result, a stay has been issued on the release of the comedy flick by the High Court.

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