Supreme Court Support For Padmavati

Star actress Deepika Padukone is waiting for the release of her new film Padmavat that is slated for a grand release on 26th if this month. Meanwhile, we have to know that the supreme court has made a decision to not to object the film’s screening in a few states which put a ban on the movie. After this decision has come out now, we have a update that an advocate has filed a counter petition in the supreme court opposing the film’s release.

PIL on Padmavathi
PIL on Padmavathi

Supreme court has ignored the PIL that was filled by an advocate and told that the issue does not come under the court. The supreme court made it clear that the state government will take a decision on law and order and the court does not hold any responsibility for the same.

A lot of people have been giving warnings that there will be a problem for law and order if the film releases. The court has advised everyone not to move forward with such incidents and has clearly told not to oppose the film’s release.

Rajput Karni Sena is very angry on censor board chief who has given clearance for the release of the movie. The Karni Sena has been threatening censor chief Pramod Joshi that they will not allow him to enter Rajasthan state.

Amidst a lot of drama it is still unsure if the film releases in peace on January 25th or 26th.

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