Superstars no longer hold all the power – Sreekumaran Thampi

After a long retirement from Malayalam cinema which lasted nearly 21 years, Sreekumaran Thampi, the multi talented artist who pioneered Mollywood in some of its best times,is coming back as a director in a unique film that stars not young sensations but two legendary veterans.


The movie titled Ammathottil stars Madhu as Joseph Pushpavanam, a poet and a lyricist, and actress Sharada as Sulakshana, his old flame. It sheds light on the almost extinct joint family system in Kerala from many perspectives.

Though the director made it known that another leading actress will be joining the cast, he refused to divulge the details in the press meet he called.

When asked about the reasons behind his retirement and comeback, Mr Thampi pointed his finger at the superstars in Mollywood (metaphorically of course). Well they were not directly responsible for the him leaving the industry, no – but rather he left because he couldn’t stand ‘them calling the shots’.

According to Thampi, the director makes the actor not the other way around. The superstars in the industry, namely Mohanlal and Mammootty, held all the power and that’s why he left, it seems, on principle.

“Well, that’s no longer the case now,” says the state and national award winning filmmaker/author, “This is a new phase for Malayalam cinema when independent films and filmmakers have their chances and say in how things go. The day of the superstars are coming to an end.”

So Sreekumaran Thampi has returned to an industry he helped build in many ways decades ago, and he also says his new film will reflect his thoughts and views in this fashion – “looking at old things in a new way and sense.”

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