A Superstar tried to ruin 7th Day – Producer

Well, well … and the drama in Malayalam cinema industry keeps getting more interesting with the producer of 7th Day, Shibu G Suseelan, claiming to an entertainment magazine that a ‘Superstar’ in Mollywood tried to destroy any and all prospects of his movie even before it came out!


This yet unnamed ‘Superstar’ apparently went all out diabolical in his methods by attempting to block the film from getting satellite rights and went so far as to prevent the movie from releasing itself!

“Due to this man’s conniving ways and influence, many television channels that initially came forward to buy the satellite rights dropped out later and our movie, 7th Day, was one of the first movies in recent times to release without television rights,” says the outraged producer.

The movie, which stars Prithviraj in the lead role as the policeman David Abraham, has since gone on to become a hit and the fans have given it their thumbs up, but one has to wonder if the claims of the producer are actually true. And if they are, do these kind of behind the scenes power plays and underhanded techniques prevail that much in the industry that we love?

Of course, many of the more outspoken artists have come forward in interviews with such allegations time and time again and some more respected ones have even said it point blank – “The movie business is a cut throat one.”

But now, the question remains who this unnamed and villainous Superstar is and will the producer Shibu G Suseelan have the courage to follow up with some names or details. That would sure cause some trouble in an already troubled regional industry.

My, my Mollywood has more colorful stories and ‘television series worthy’ plots going on off screen than on screen these days.

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